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Delicious & exotic cuisines to fit your lifestyle

Panini Restaurant is a fast casual family restaurant and Bakery-Cafe chainstore.It started off in the heart of Nairobi Industrial Area in 2007,by just offering Sandwiches and Coffee.Our Menu has now grown to providing Pastas,Salads,Soups,Pizzas and Kenyan Prime-cut Meat grills.

Panini offers a wide array of pastries,cakes,croissants,muffins,pies,artisan breads, which are all freshly baked before dawn and delivered to our stores daily. Panini has a regular menu for dine in,takeaways,corporate catering,outside catering,and menus for kids.

Eboni Gold Coffee is a specialty coffee product manufactured by Panini.The beans in every Eboni Coffee sachet are grown in the rich volcanic soils of the slopes of Mount Kenya and are a celebration of the mastery and care of the farmers dedicated to the process that creates it. Through it, Eboni Gold specialty coffee spreads the love for great coffee from the young to the old..

Chef's Special

Delicious cuisine to compliment your pallete.

Chicken with mushroom soup

warm up from the cold weather with a bowl of soup

If you aren't having our Delicious creamy soups to lighten you up and cools down, you're missing out

soup of Italian origin

promotes intestinal regularity and consequently the elimination of toxins and waste substances

Chicken & beef ConsommГ

clear soup made from richly flavored beef or chicken

creamy chicken with mushroom

A generous amount of mushrooms and fresh herbs give this soup richness and freshness

Vegetable Soup

ItвЂs healthy, itвЂs comforting and 1,000 times better than what youвЂll get in a can! Full of flavor and so easy to make you canвЂt go wrong with a big warm bowl of vegetable soup.

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